‘A Bar Tender Tale’ sound track

I’m very pleased to announce the release of my new novella, A Bar Tender Tale, set in Brighton, England.

You can buy it from Dreamspinner

Or Amazon

I’ve been waiting to do this musical sound track for a while! (For more on The Misfits and bands who love B-movies, please visit my normal blog!)

There are a lot of music mentions in Bar Tender, so I’m going to choose the highlights which I feel really capture the feel of the story, and it’s setting. Starting with….

The Cramps! Everyone’s favourite sleaze rock surf band. Our hero Nathan loves them so much, he plays them when he’s getting ready; ‘Human Fly’ and ‘You Got Good Taste’ feature, and are just too fun to not play!


Jumping along to The Specials! Obviously it’s got to be ‘Ghost Town’, a nod to Brit flick ‘Sean of the Dead’!

The Specials (and Madness) get a quick mention in Bar Tender when our hero Nathan is in the pub, and hungover manager Gary has re-emerged. I wanted a tune that was popular with alternative types, but also quite mellow. Something to get you thinking….


Moving into the story, our hero Nathan is on shift at gay bar ‘Rainbows’ when his new fella surprises him by showing up on the doorstep. I had to pick a song that spoke (or rather, screamed) “Brighton gay bar” to me. Obviously, Kylie is a classic choice!

I’m pretty sure this was the one I had in mind when I wrote the scene! It remarks in the story that Nathan “isn’t a fan” but he reluctantly admits it does suit the romantic mood! (Hehe!)

Actually, having viewed the video for ‘All The Lovers’ I’m glad I chose it – this video is genius!


Ahh, how nice!

And rounding up to the end of the story, our hero Nathan finally gets to watch a horror movie with his dream man. Nathan choose the (somewhat unromantic!) horror movie ‘House of 1000 Corpses’, directed by rock music mega star Rob Zombie.

After the opening scene (where there is A LOT of swearing, so be warned!) this is the opening song and title credits. Dig that grinding beat!


Ahh, romance is in the air!

And along with a smattering of punk rock mentions here and there, that’s pretty much the story! In a nut shell.

For those who wondered, this is our hero Nathan’s ring tone….

Thank you for stopping by!


“I hope you diiieee….. Die, monster, die!!”





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