‘Halloween Night’ sound track

For my new piece of writing I’ve done a short prequel into the world of Crucifox, my (ficitonal) goth rock band. (Oh I just couldn’t help myself!)

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I love music, I love bands.

The music is very important to me and influences this story greatly. Let’s go through it in order and pick out my favourites! With quotes from my story ‘Halloween Night’.

Seeing as goth rose from punk, let’s kick this off with some classic British punk; it’s a great song (the original and the best!) so what better place to start…

In response to his statement, Sky tells Brandon,
“In the words of the Anti-Nowhere League, ‘so fucking what’?”

Moving onto the club…
The heavy bass of Bauhaus proclaiming ‘Bela Lougosi’s Dead’ vibrated through his body, his very mind.

Ah ‘the daddy’ of all goth songs! And still as haunting and amazing as it was in 1979.

And now…
At one point he looked out onto the dance floor and saw Sky dancing the hula to the industrial stomp of Skinny Puppy.

Before ‘industrial’ became synonymous with multi-coloured poodles and too much bad hair, Skinny Puppy were the leaders of industrial in the goth sector. Still the musician’s choice, and this song is an all time favourite.

Later on…
The panic set in and he cowered in a corner. The Sisters of Mercy filled his ears.

Can’t be goth without a bit of Sisters! Probably one of the slower songs would be played towards the end of the night.

I haven’t included every band I mention in ‘Halloween Night’. Such as Gene Loves Jezebel, New Model Army, Killing Joke… I will definitely be going on a big New Model Army drive during the Crucifox series! ;p

Let’s finish off today with The Virgin Prunes!

I adore this song, another of the more ‘trad’ and ‘haunting’ styles. Apparently the band were friends of Bono! Still, don’t let that affect your opinion ;p

Containing the immortal line, ‘give me money, give me sex, give me booze and cigarettes!’

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‘It was an accident I didn’t meeeeaaaaann it!’ – Virgin Prunes